Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flavor Faaaaaaaave!

Ok so referencing a washed up gold-toothed rapper from the 90's might not have been the best way to start off a post about cupcakes but I just had to do it. Come on. Just try yelling it out....."Flavor Faaaaaaaaaaave!" Fun huh?
On to our post...
Remember back in the day when there was only two kinds of cupcakes - chocolate and vanilla? When we
were growing up, my mom only used the boxed cake mixes so I didn't even know other kind of cupcake flavors existed until I met Teresa . For those of you who didn't know, Treese is the incredibly talented baking genius behind Whisk Upon A Star. I just make things look pretty - she does all the measuring, sifting, mixing and baking. She's also in charge of coming up with new cupcake flavors. Right now, we only have the basic flavors available (chocolate, vanilla bean, red velvet and carrot cake) but we are starting to experiment with new ones.
People are always asking us what our favorite cupcake flavors are. I had a really hard time coming up with a favorite. Of course, I love chocolate like everyone else, but I'm also a big fan of fruity cupcakes. I managed to narrow down my favorites to three:
1) Peanut Butter and Jelly
This one is my all time favorite!! When we were experimenting with the chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes, Treese had the idea to fill a few of them with jam. She put raspberry preserves in a piping bag and squeezed a little into the center of each cupcake. Then she covered the whole with our creamy peanut butter frosting. It was UH-mazing! I think I ate three of them.
2) Pomegranate
We haven't tried making these ourselves yet, but Babycakes in Hillcrest makeseen hooked ever since! The pink frosting was a little tart and provided the perfect contrast to the sweet pommy cake. It was also topped with a cute little pomegranate gummy.
3) Irish Car Bomb
They're cupcakes with alcohol in them! What's not to like? These little Irish cuppies were really popular around St Patrick's Day. The cupcakes are made with Guinness Beer and the frosting is infused with Bailey's Irish cream. They're magically delicious!! (*snort*giggle*)
There are also a ton of different cupcake recipes that we are dying to try out. Treese's son Joe will eat anything with bacon on it so we've been meaning try out some maple bacon cupcakes. He also likes steak but I don't think we'll be able to find a way to integrate that into a cupcake. Yuck...meatcake. Ever since Justin's nieces started selling Girl Scout cookies, I've been craving some Thin Mint cupcakes. I've also seen recipes for Samoa cupcakes. I love the cookies but they are a little too sweet for me! And last but not least, I am determined to make some Elvis cupcakes (peanut butter, banana and sometimes bacon!)
We asked our awesome Facebook fans what their favorite flavors were. Here's what they said:

Raspberry Lemonade – Suzie M

Rootbeer Float – Denise P

Peanut Butter – Junvi O

Banana, Red Velvet and Carrot Cake – Heather B

Carrot Cake – Savy H

Red Velvet and Chocolate – Chie S

Yellow Cake and Chocolate – Lani I

Red Velvet, Vanilla and Carrot Cake – Janice D

Chocolate - Monica Z

Thanks for sharing your favorite flavors with us ladies!

*If you are in the Hillcrest area, go check out Babycakes on 5th Avenue!

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