Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Long Overdue Update

Hello cupcake fans!
It has been way too long. So sorry for not keeping this blog updated!
We are sad to announce that Whisk Upon a Star is no longer open for business.
The demand and rising costs eventually became too great for our little cupcake-loving hearts to handle.
We definitely haven't given up on baking. We will still continue to make cupcakes for our family and friends (and post pictures!), but we will no longer be accepting orders.
Thank you for all of the amazing support.
For pictures of the cupcakes we make for fun, check out our Facebook page:
And be sure to check out Dee's cake toppers and clay creations on her blog:
This isn't goodbye. We'll try our very best to update this blog periodically with our latest baking projects.

Til next time!

~Teresa and Dee