Friday, October 1, 2010

Lost In Sprinkles

Hey folks! Sorry we've been away for so long!
Things have been busy, busy, busy...
But we have a ton of orders coming up - which means we'll also have an endless supply of cupcake pictures for our blog. We thought we had a pretty busy summer here at Whisk Upon Star but fall is going to be 10x as crazy!
Last weekend, we did an adorable set of Ni Hao Kai Lan cupcakes for little Nara's birthday. After months of putting it off, I was finally able to take pictures of the fondant decorations AS I was making them - with the help of my lovely fiancee of course! (Note to self: It is virtually impossible to hold fondant in one hand, a sculpting tool in the other and the camera in the ... um third hand?)
Anyways, until I get those posted, here's a link to the luau themed cupcakes we made for Auntie Josie and Auntie Dolly's birthday:

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