Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cupcakes In Sin City!

Oh man are we glad to be back in San Diego!! We just came back from our trip to Las Vegas - where it was a suffocating 110 degrees!! Luckily all of the casinos on the strip are armed with state-of-the art air conditioning. While taking a cool stroll through the shops at the Monte Carlo, we stumbled upon this adorable little cuppy shop - The Cupcakery!

If only this were real!All of their cupcakes looked delicious but this one really caught my eye! Look at all that sparkly chocolaty minty goodness! Behold the Grasshopper...

I immediately fell head over heels in love with the edible glitter The Cupcakery used on their cuppies. It looked so similar to craft glitter - I almost didn't eat it! I've seen other types of edible glitter before. They usually look like a cross between sanding sugar and fish food (Ew I know!). But this glitter was gorgeous! It had a really pretty iridescent sheen to it. So sparkly!
Anyways, enough about the glitter! The Grasshopper did not disappoint! The chocolate mint frosting was the perfect consistency. It was nice and creamy - not at all heavy! The cupcake itself was a little too rich. But I'm more of a fruity cupcake kind of gal so I guess I'm just not used to all that chocolaty goodness!
Anyways, that's my mini-review of The Cupcakery in Vegas.
If you're planning a trip to Sin City, definitely go check it out!

~Edible Glitter and Kisses

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