Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Behind The Cupcakes: Thirty and Fabulous!

Ordered By: Hoa and AAJA San Diego
Occasion: Savy's 30th Birthday
Flavor(s): Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting
Chocolate Raspberry with Cream Cheese Frosting

Theme: A Few of Savy's Favorite Things
Thirty is an awesome number. Researchers say it's the number of seconds it takes for a person to fall in love. It's the number of minutes it takes Rachel Ray to make a meal. It's the age Teresa tells people she is - but isn't (Just making sure you're reading Treese!) Our gorgeous and incredibly talented friend Savy turned 30 last week. She's the Vice President of the San Diego Asian American Journalists Association and her friends at AAJA wanted to surprise her with cupcakes at their meeting. (p.s. If anyone ever wants to surprise me with cupcakes, I'm all for it!! Anyone? )
Savy's favorite cupcakes are Red Velvet, so we whipped up a batch of those. Teresa also made a batch of chocolate raspberry cupcakes for the first time. They were delicious!
The tartness of the raspberry provided a great contrast to the sweetness of the chocolate. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see a little bit of the raspberry glaze peeking out from under the frosting.
A few years ago, Savy adopted a little dog named Toto. He is the cutest little thing! You can tell he really loves his mommy, he follows her around everywhere! So of course I knew I had to make a little Toto out of fondant. When I first started making him, he was completely nekkid. Fur is HARD to make! But then I realized - he just wouldn't look like Toto if he didn't have long white fur. So I rolled out a couple strands of fondant and added it to his ears...then a couple to his face. Before I knew it, the whole puppy was covered in fondant fur.
And he turned out pretty darn cute...

I also made a Toyota symbol, to represent the other love in Savy's life - her brand new Prius!
There was also a little Vietnamese sandwich (Umm...ok balogna sandwich, I couldn't figure out how to make pâté or cilantro!)
And a girl can't live without her iPhone and her purse!

~Special thanks to Hoa and AAJA-SD for ordering these cupcakes!!

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